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  1. Some observations about the proposed Comcast-TWC merger

    First of all, allow me to apologise for the recent week-and-a-half of downtime. Storm Darwin took out my phone line. Seemingly, while my connectivity with the outside world was a lot more tenuous than what I'm used to, Comcast announced that it wanted to merge with Time Warner Cable. It's …

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  2. Lollies for Likes?

    Well, it appears that yet another trend is emerging in the vast, superficial numbers-game that is social media marketing. A number of my school colleagues went to a nearby careers exhibition today, at which numerous colleges from around the country were advertising their curricula. Having been there myself a year …

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  3. More televisual anniversary celebrations!

    Twenty years ago yesterday, Slappy Squirrel was introduced to America as "the crankiest of creatures in the whole wide world". The next day, however, another contender entered the race: Marty Crane! That's right, today marks the twentieth anniversary of the début of another excellent television programme, Frasier! This day twenty …

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  4. Celebrations are in order...

    Yes, I know it's Friday 13, 2013, but that's not what I'm talking about.

    I am talking about the 20th anniversary of the première of one of the most wonderful (if not the most wonderful) cartoons to ever grace television: Animaniacs!

    Yep, twenty years! Life suddenly seems very long, doesn't …

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  5. Irish Digital TV: RTÉ Two's stretching problem

    Here in Ireland, we have a terrestrial digital television broadcasting service called SaorView. There are eight TV channels available:

    1. RTÉ One, which broadcasts in 576i
    2. RTÉ Two, which broadcasts in 1080i
    3. TV3, which broadcasts in 576i
    4. TG4, which broadcasts in 576i
    5. 3e, which broadcasts in 576i
    6. RTÉ News Now, which …
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  6. "Sausage factories"

    It recently came to my attention that Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn likened the Junior Certificate to a "sausage squeezing machine", "squeezing creativity and curiosity out of the classroom". [Source: Limerick Leader] So, all of my friends and I have apparently been squeezed through this unmerciful sausage factory in recent …

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  7. How to destroy a Universal logo

    There are a few ways of using animation tricks to "destroy" the 2013 logo of Universal Studios (or a Blender remake of it, at least).

    Here it is, Warner Bros. Animation style:

    ...And Mozilla style (which is kind of related, since, you know, Mozilla started off inside Netscape, which was …

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