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  1. Patching Pinball to make its music work under Wine

    Update 11 October 2021: I've been asked to provide a straightforward list of bytes to change in the pinball.exe file, so here goes:

    For the Windows NT 4.0 version (which can run on Windows 3.1 via Win32s), change the following bytes:

    Offset Original byte value New byte …
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  2. Why Humanoid NPCs can't shoot in Portal

    Today, I decided to make my first post in almost two years on this blog, by investigating something that's bugged me for a long time. That is, when you spawn humanoid NPCs from Half-Life 2 in Portal (or a Portal mod), they are incapable of firing their weapons, with some …

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  3. Automating LibreOffice using Perl and UNO

    I've recently taken an interest in macros and automation of office software. While at work I contented myself with writing Excel macros in Visual Basic, but for personal use I was more intrigued at the possibility of combining my favourite programming language, Perl, with my office suite of choice, LibreOffice …

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  4. My chimera Debian system

    Well, it's been a long time! Since my last post, I've discovered that there should have been a fifth "D'oh!" in there – turns out that the way the PCIe slots are arranged on my motherboard means that it's impossible to pass through one graphics card without the other. That probably …

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  5. My experiences with XEN VGA passthrough

    The following post gets quite technical, and employs a bit of jargon. You can read the whole anecdote if you want, or just scroll down to the bottom if you want some advice related to Linux Mint Debian Edition, XEN and VGA Passthrough.

    I recently built myself a new computer …

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