1. Happy Anniversary!

    I can hardly believe it! This blog has now been in existence for an entire year! This is also the third anniversary of the release of Portal 2 (at least in this time zone), another fact which some of you may find scarcely credible.

    What a year it's been. Proof …

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  2. Status of Aperture Ireland 2.0 and other things

    I was just browsing through the archives of this blog and saw a post mentioning Aperture Ireland. I realised I'd never actually checked whether or not Valve had gone about porting Portal 2 to GNU/Linux. I fired up Steam and it seems that this port recently entered beta.

    Had …

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  3. Some observations about the proposed Comcast-TWC merger

    First of all, allow me to apologise for the recent week-and-a-half of downtime. Storm Darwin took out my phone line. Seemingly, while my connectivity with the outside world was a lot more tenuous than what I'm used to, Comcast announced that it wanted to merge with Time Warner Cable. It's …

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  4. Subatomic Particle Simulator now on GitHub!

    Well, I have just spent an entire weekend using Windows, amounting to probably more hours than I had spent with this operating system in the previous six months! Of course, this meant that I had to endure loads of automatic updates, their drain on bandwidth and automatic restarts! It was …

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  5. Release of Source Code of Subatomic Particle Visualiser

    Well, this is kind of embarrassing. In October, I implemented the GNU Scientific Library as part of the science project I mentioned in the previous post. Since I was working towards an actual deadline, I guess I was too hurried to thoroughly check what licence the GSL uses. Apparently, I …

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  6. My return to the blogosphere

    The time has come for me to return to this blog and explain my absence for the last few months. I was spending a lot of time working on a project for a prestigious science and technology exhibition. As such, between that and school work, I had basically no time …

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  7. Lollies for Likes?

    Well, it appears that yet another trend is emerging in the vast, superficial numbers-game that is social media marketing. A number of my school colleagues went to a nearby careers exhibition today, at which numerous colleges from around the country were advertising their curricula. Having been there myself a year …

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  8. More televisual anniversary celebrations!

    Twenty years ago yesterday, Slappy Squirrel was introduced to America as "the crankiest of creatures in the whole wide world". The next day, however, another contender entered the race: Marty Crane! That's right, today marks the twentieth anniversary of the début of another excellent television programme, Frasier! This day twenty …

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  9. Celebrations are in order...

    Yes, I know it's Friday 13, 2013, but that's not what I'm talking about.

    I am talking about the 20th anniversary of the première of one of the most wonderful (if not the most wonderful) cartoons to ever grace television: Animaniacs!

    Yep, twenty years! Life suddenly seems very long, doesn't …

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