So... apparently there really WAS a Flood!

A very interesting piece of information was revealed on last Sunday's episode of Derek Mooney's "Secrets of the Irish Landscape" *. It seems that there was something of a global deluge around 2350 BC. Soil records from Ireland around this time show that farming activity stopped and tree ring records show abysmal growth for around 20 years. It is also reflected in written accounts from China and other disparate locations around the world.

The interesting bit, however, is that a Catholic bishop attempted to date the origin of the world by adding up ages of people in the Bible. In doing this, he determined that the Flood was around 2349 BC! So, the story of Noah's Ark was rooted in fact. Who'd have thought?

This could also be used as an argument against the case that Climate Change is caused by human activity.

*This link will not work after Sunday June 2 (and may not work at all if you are outside of Ireland, but I'm not sure).

Also, I'd just like to note that Animaniacs has returned to the RTÉ 2 schedule and, in doing so, has proven that I'm not going insane. The copyright notice on RTÉ's showings is indeed different from that on the DVD. As for why on Earth they would change it, I don't know.